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Trois Diamants

The story of the trois diamants comes from a beautiful couple who was blessed with three daughters, all about 1 year apart. When the three daughters became women, and left to begin their own lives, the couple reflected back on the journey of raising these beautiful little babies, and how all three had their own unique and glorious shine. The father would call them “my three little diamonds,” a sign of his love and affection. The couple came to us to commission a form to convey the story of their “three little diamonds,” one that will be a daily reminder of all the joy and all the memories that will be forever cherished. The form gives forth a youthful wonderment, and each element is orientated so they reflect the light in a unique and individual way. The light reflected dances over their garden, and into their kitchen, catching their attention throughout the day, and carries the essence of their beloved children.

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